Protocol Converter
» Support Modbus gateway function, support Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP.
» Support for multiple hosts.
» Support for custom heartbeat and registration package features.
» Support "transcoding" function
» RS485 can drive 32 load
» Support data submission and sending function in HTTP mode
» Support TCP server, TCP client, UDP mode, UDP multicast. Support TCP server side function as TCP client. Support 30 TCP connections as a TCP server and 7 destination IP as a TCP client
» The baud rate supports 1200~115200bps, data bits support 5~9 bits, and parity can be None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space. CTS/RTS hardware flow control and XON/XOFF soft flow control
» Support the function of sending MAC address when device connecting to facilitate cloud management of devices
» Guide-way design: suitable for internal installation of cabinet in industrial field
» Compact size: relative to the ordinary serial port server, the width is small, does not take up space
» Terminal type power supply, 9~24V wide voltage input, with anti-opposite power connection protection
» Terminal RS485 interface, support 32 slave devices, baud rate support 300 ~ 115200bps
» RS485/422 has capacity of 256 loads
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