Metal Tube Rotameter

Product Code XN HTR
Description Flow Meter / Rotameter Flow Meter
Connection CE
Parameter Specification
Caliber of flow meter DN15,DN25,DN50,DN80,DN100,DN150 (Others on request)
Range of flow Liquid:1.0~150000l/h ,   Gas:0.05~3000m3/h
Measure Ratio 10:1,20:1(special)
Medium temperature Standard:-30℃~+120℃,high temperature:120℃~350℃
Environmental temperature Local type:-40℃~120℃ , Remote-control type:-30℃~60℃
Storage requirement Temperature: -40℃~85℃ humidity:≤85%
Output load 500Ω(24V power supply)
Output signal 4~20mADC (two-wire configuration); attached HART Protocol allowed
Pressure rating DN15,DN25,DN50:4.0MPa (Max: 20MPa) DN80,DN100,DN150:1.6MPa (DN80:Max 10MPa; DN100:Max 6.4MPa; DN150:Max 4.0MPa)
Power supply 24VDC(12~36VDC)
Precision Grade 0.5, Grade 1.0 (special)
Connection mode Flange (Others on requests)
Cable interface M20×1.5
Housing protection grade IP65
Explosion-proof Intrinsic safety type:ExiaIICT6, Explosion-proof type:ExdIICT6
Viscosity of medium DN15:η<5mPa.s    DN25:η<250mPa.s  DN50~DN150:η<300mPa.s
More Information

HTR Metal Tube Rotameter is the most commonly used rotameter in industry and laboratories. It is not only suitable for small flow measurement with pipe diameter D<150mm, but also can measure the flow of corrosive medium. But it must be installed in a vertical pipe section, and the fluid medium passes through the rotameter from bottom to top.

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